A friend of mine in Charlotte, NC…

So just recently I was talking to a friend of mine in Charlotte, NC. She is is north of 30 (I won’t give an exact age or, despite my not mentioning her name specifically, she will kick my ass!) and she was kind of going thru one of those phases. You know the ones, you take a look at yourself in the mirror one day and all of the sudden you realize you aren’t happy with something about your appearance. Now don’t sit there and do the whole “not me” thing. It happens to the most well adjusted of us.

So anyway, she’s looking in the mirror and decides she is no longer satisfied with the state of her smile. Now I’ve known this woman for years and she has a great smile. Regardless of my thoughts on the matter she decides she wants to look into Invisalign Charlotte. So whatever, it’s her money and her mouth, but she goes in for the consult and likes what she hears about the invisalign treatment. The cost while pricey in my opinion did not scare here off so she schedules the appointment to get her aligners made and start the treatment. IF you don’t know what Invisalign Charlotte and the treatment consist of or the benefits of it you can check out this video:

Well, long story short, she’s thrilled with the Charlotte Orthodontist she chose and the treatment so far… I mean lets face it, this is going to take a little while. The moral of the story, if you aren’t happy with something about yourself it’s within your power to fix it. Don’t be afraid to take a chance on something that might just improve your life. So there you go, my PSA for the day, peace out!

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