Boozin’ Tiki bar style in Phoenix

For those of you who don’t recall… I lived in South Florida, also know as the lush capital of South Eastern United States, for time. With the year round beautiful weather outdoor drinking is part of the fabric of life for Floridians in all areas. To me nothing says drinking alfresco like a Tiki bar. The only thing better is your own private, fully stocked and very authentic Tiki bar. Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about… you know you are picturing it in your heads and if you can’t here is an image to help you along: tiki bar I know totally bad ass right? Well, now that I’ve peaked your interested let me share with you the details of a little project I’m working on at my Phoenix home.

Ok, I know you already figured it out, I’m having a Tiki bar built in my backyard. A full on, poolside, tropical oasis experience in the middle of the desert. HELL YEAH! So I hit up my a Phoenix landscaping company, Life’s A Garden and told them what I was looking for and to put together a proposal. I’m pulling out all the stops, I want this baby to seat at least 10, have the appropriate Polynesian inspire accoutrements, TV’s for chillin’ on game day and just basically getting wild pool side. They are still working on the architectural drafts as we speak so I don’t have a design comp to share just yet, but know that it’s coming.

In the interim I’ve begun the process of acquiring the appropriate bar finery and booze to fully complete such a project. I’m purchasing a wide variety of rums of all stripes, glassware sized and shaped to accommodate a proper Scorpion Bowl or Hurricane and a large quantity of paper umbrellas (come on, did you really think I would pass up the opportunity for some super cheesy kitsch? PLEASE!!!) Of course I will also be sharing images of those items as they come in. You might be surprised to find out you can’t just roll down to your local Walmart and buy some of this sh#!t.

So there you have it my boozy friends… the inside scoop on what is sure to be a fun and seriously worthwhile Phoenix landscaping design project. Check back and see how my little desert oasis landscaping project proceeds.