A friend of mine in Charlotte, NC…

So just recently I was talking to a friend of mine in Charlotte, NC. She is is north of 30 (I won’t give an exact age or, despite my not mentioning her name specifically, she will kick my ass!) and she was kind of going thru one of those phases. You know the ones, you […]

Three, Two, One… Time For Booze Fueled Rant Of The Day

Hipsters are destroying good old fashion drinking! These little phonies have managed to ruin some of my favorite drinking spots over the last few years. They and their ilk infiltrate local watering holes with their flannel, mountain man bearded, folk music listening asses drinking PBR or whatever is considered “alcohol of the moment”. Next thing […]

The Impact of Internet Marketing For Your Bar

The value of internet marketing as a critical component of an overall marketing plan for a bar or restaurant has become almost universally accepted. Even staunchly tech averse, old school bar owners are giving into the steady march of technology and it’s impact on businesses of all shapes and sizes. That being said… There are […]