We are so pleased you could join us for this boozed soaked journey we call DallasMargaritaFest.Com. We are pleased to be able to take this site and continue it’s legacy  from it’s former life as the home for the Dallas Margarita Festival.  This event has changed names and is now the Dallas Margarita Meltdown and is located at it’s new internet home http://www.dallasmargaritameltdown.com/ . We are certain the organizers will continue to have great success with this Tequila fueled fun fest.

As far as this site goes… well, that is another story. We are hoping to amuse, engage and educate you with a mix of booze reviews, drink recipes, reviews of new and established bar businesses and well just generally whatever our liquor soaked brains come up with. Why? Because we feel like it 😉 So pour yourself a generous serving of your favorite drink and settle in for some good natured fun.

drink up bitches

Drink Up Biatches!