The Impact of Internet Marketing For Your Bar

The value of internet marketing as a critical component of an overall marketing plan for a bar or restaurant has become almost universally accepted. Even staunchly tech averse, old school bar owners are giving into the steady march of technology and it’s impact on businesses of all shapes and sizes. That being said… There are still those who don’t fully understand the basic concepts behind marketing a business online. It is with that in mind that we decided to offer the following article as an introduction to the fundamentals of what is commonly known as SEO (search engine optimization).

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Internet Marketing vs. Conventional Marketing

While many people still argue that conventional marketing techniques are the best, there can be little doubt that internet marketing techniques have revolutionized the way products reach the restaurant customers. Online marketing is carried out across an array of interlinked digital platforms (at the core of which are search engines like that make it easy for customers to find, research and subsequently share their experiences at various dining and drinking establishments. While this has been a boon for the consumer, it isn’t necessarily so for restaurant owners. These social platforms like Yelp, etc. present an additional challenge in terms of monitoring what is being said in the public. Bad reviews can spread like wildfire and destroy a business in short order. If something like this should occur to your business you can consider contacting a Grand Rapids SEO company to help you managing your online reputation.

Conventional advertising methods rely more on trying to anticipate where a target audience may reachable. In this regard local internet marketing is more of a surgical strike and thus far more cost effective to a bar or restaurant owner.

Another reason why internet marketing is perhaps the best marketing method for small and medium enterprises is its simplicity and flexibility. For an instance, apart from using a professional website to solicit for sales, a digital marketer can opt for social media marketing (these platforms are in most cases free to use unless a user chooses service enhancements) which according to numerous prominent marketers has a huge potential owing to the massive networks of social media users. In addition, it is also important to note the flexibility of this form of marketing whereby a marketer can decide to promote his/her products on multiple platforms simultaneously at a far lower cost when compared to mediums such as TV or Radio. This reduced cost allows a business to very easily test various advertising campaigns, often simultaneously, in a very economical way. This is huge for restauranteurs who operate on very thin budgets.

However, internet marketing has its own share of pitfalls with the greatest one being advertising techniques that were intrusive to end users. For example, internet users had been accustomed to the large banner advertisements like; ‘Free Ipad to the next 10 people to click on this ad’ or ‘Attention!!! You just won a free vacation to Boca Raton, Florida’ , as time has passed these efforts have become less and less effective. While these banners ads still have a place in an overall internet marketing strategy, poorly conceived, spammy campaigns have the potential to do more harm than good. of these banners gives internet marketers a bad name. While conventional marketing was not completely without it’s own unscrupulous methods such as the “bait and switch”, by and large ad placements on these mediums were by and large seen as trustworthy. Fortunately for local Delray Beach SEO experts search engine marketing has been steadily gaining credibility amongst consumers. This has added value to professionals that offer internet marketing services.


While there are some risks to be considered such as the afore mentioned social media pitfalls, in general local internet marketing offers the potential to reach a wider audience for a lower cost. That being said I believe that conventional advertising should still be used as part of a comprehensive, well rounded marketing strategy. Whatever methods you ultimately choose be consistent in the message and stay true to your brand.