Three, Two, One… Time For Booze Fueled Rant Of The Day

hipster douchebags
Yes, These are the douchebag poser’s I am talking about

Hipsters are destroying good old fashion drinking! These little phonies have managed to ruin some of my favorite drinking spots over the last few years. They and their ilk infiltrate local watering holes with their flannel, mountain man bearded, folk music listening asses drinking PBR or whatever is considered “alcohol of the moment”. Next thing you know the game is no longer on TV, I’m subjected to some obscure folk music group featuring fiddle players from Appalachia (no offense intended), it’s a dude fest( or at least the women in the place look like dudes), the menu is filled with Gastro Pub styled dishes with ingredients I have never heard of and even if I had hear of I probably wouldn’t have chosen to eat.

WTF is it with their ridiculously self righteous attitudes and intolerance of anyone deemed “mainstream”. Honestly I just don’t get it… Yes, there are some really outstanding craft distillers putting out some unreal small batch liquors. But sometimes I just want a Sierra Nevada. That right there is part of the issue… Asking for a Sierra Nevada would have gotten me exactly what I wanted, now I have to sit thru the “which Sierra Nevada?” discussion. Or the question “what vodkas do you have” resulting in a what flavors, do I want my fruit muddled and on and on. Come on people really! Some days I just want a Vodka on the rocks and it shouldn’t take me 20 minutes to explain what I’m looking for… F’me!

Ok, well I needed to get that off my chest. I’m going to go have a drink in an actual bar, where an actual bartender is serving actual drinks that an actual man might order and cool off.

Drink Up Bitches!