Before we get the hate mail from people condemning the following post… settle down. This our opinion. We get it everyone has a preference. This just happens to be ours. With that out of the way, let’s move on shall we.

Vodka, IN OUR OPINION, is simply put the perfect booze. It is clean, crisp, mixes well with just about everything and is the spirit least likely to cause a nasty hangover.  That is an important distinction in our opinion because I think we can all agree, hangovers suck!

Of course this is not a blanket guarantee as there are many factors that can impact this. We are also keenly aware that not all Vodka’s are created equal… We are looking at you Popov and Aristocrat. Anyone who has consumed any significant quantity of any of these sub par “well” Vodkas can probably attest to this fact.

We are also not in any way endorsing any of the new breed of nauseatingly sweet flavored Vodkas that were clearly intended to appeal to 12 girls. Yep, that’s right, birthday cake flavored Vodka, coconut, toasted marshmallo, skittles and the list goes on and on. This is not Vodka, it is pure sacrilege. Whoever came up with this stuff, while an evil genius to be sure, should really be ashamed of themselves. I mean honestly, WTF! I literally cringe when I hear someone order a drink with one of these disgraceful creations (more so if it happens to be a grown man ordering it for himself, you know who you are and yes we all laugh and point when you do it ;). Ok… anyway… I’ll reign myself in or this is going to crest into SERIOUS rant territory.

The Vodka’s we are referring to would fall into the premium spirits category. For our money here is our list in order of preference and oddly enough almost in order of price point as well. Go figure. Here they are:

Tito's Vodka



Titos – United States

Stolichnaya (Stoli) – Russian

Skyy – United States

Svedka – Sweden

Smirnoff – Russian

Sobieski – Polish



How were the results tabulated you may ask? Well, weren’t you listening, this is an opinion based list. Our opinion and our preferences. Tito’s is super smooth with a nice finish. Stoli has that traditional mule kick Russian flavor profile as does Smirnoff. Sobieski falls somewhere between the Russians and the lone Swede on the taste profile scale. And Svedka leans more towards that smooth taste with a softer finish. Cost wise, both the Sobieski and Svedka are screaming bargains for larger scale consumption. Titos is more your sippin Vodka. No matter where you fall on this spectrum they can all be easily enjoyed either chilled or on the rocks.

There you have it… Our favorite Vodka’s. Count on us spending a great deal more time exploring each of these brands as time goes by. Did we mention, we love Vodka? If you really insist on an unbiased opinion check out the San Francisco World Spirits Competition website  ( )

Drink Up Bi#!hes!